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the u.s. president's deadline for closing the detention camp will not be met. closing through washington's objections, israel defense plans for more housing. pop, pageantry, and election, queen elisabeth unveils the final plans before it goes to the polls. welcome to," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, is new technology the answer for all the farmers? japan's search for answers to food dependency. and not exactly an old master, london's data rate retreats amsterdam's red light district for exhibition. -- london's museum recreate
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amsterdam's red light district for an exhibition. it is official, the deadline for closing the hugely controversial prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, two months away, will not be met. president obama has confirmed the commitment that he made so publicly came to office will not be fulfilled in time. jonathan beall is at guantanamo bay. >> the reason for the delay is still filtering through. we do not know if the detainees have been informed, but the military commanders are aware. it does not come as a huge surprise because they know that president obama wanted to close it. they know there has been a huge obstacle in the way, the biggest one, where the put the detainees instead? there are still 200. where will they go, where will
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they be tried? these questions are still to be resolved. it is interesting to note there has been, we are told, an improvement in the mood, that there are less attacks on guards and that 70% of detainees are allowed to live communally for 20 hours per day. that is in part because they know that it is closure of the camp, they know the decision will be made about the future. we're still in the dark as to what will happen to the detainees. five will be transferred. it will be transferred to a federal court in new york. most of them, we still do not know what will happen to them. iraqi electorial officials have suspended preparations for elections in january because of one of the country's vice president has vetoed part of the election law. he said he tried to give more
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say to iraqis that fled the country. of the video is likely to delay the election. -- the video is likely to delay the election. and you report from the united nations says that stemming climate change is important. they said that poor women are most affected by the climate change. on the eve of president karzai's election in afghanistan, hillary clinton said the country is at a critical moment. she is in afghanistan for the ceremony. it she said there is a clear window of opportunity for karzai and his government to demonstrate they are legitimate and can improve the life of afghanistan's. the day at the data states voiced its concern -- the day after the united states voiced its concern about israel bulldozing homes, washington had sharply rebuked israel for plans
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for 900 new homes in the largely arab region. according to president obama, it could lead to a very dangerous situation. it >> 30,000 people already live here. israel is building new homes and says it will continue to do so. they see it as part of their capital, jerusalem. this is east jerusalem, part of land that israel captured in a war more than 40 years ago under international law. they're not supposed to build on occupied land. as long as it does, say palestinians, they will not restart the stalled peace talks. the palestinian prime minister voiced frustration with the stalled peace process and the is -- and the israeli expansion of settlements. >> it is a question of settlement policy. there is no such thing. there is no such thing when it
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comes to settlement activity. it either its stops completely or does not stop. >> not israel's building plans have provoked anger and concern across the international community. >> on a high-profile trip to beijing, israel's closest ally had words of warning. president obama said if additional settled but building. it said additional up settlement building made it harder for neighbors. but israel remains unapologetic. it is willing to show some restraint when it comes to west bank settlement construction, it says, a building in east jerusalem will continue. >> jerusalem, we have a very strong position. there has always been a capital of only one nation throughout history, and we cannot rewrite history because of vagaries or
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political exploits of anyone else. i think we should put this to rest. >> palestinians say they are constantly being provoked by israel perry this is one of a number of demolitions by israel of palestinian property today alone in east jerusalem. land that palestinians want as the capital of their future state. repeated demolitions like this and continued settlement building in east jerusalem and across the west bank has led to speculation that the arab world may withdraw its offer to israel of a wider regional peace deal. iran's foreign ministers ruled out sending enriched uranium out of the country. that declaration sounds like a rejection of the deal proposed by international negotiator six weeks ago. it is designed to defuse concerns about iran's suspected nuclear weapons program. they said it will only swap uranium for fuel inside of its
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borders. this is from art to iran that corresponded. about once again, talks on the nuclear program are in deep trouble. that may only be a matter of time before they cried to a halt. under the deal, iran would ship out of the country much of the radium and has a rich, reducing the immediate possibility they will break out of national control and build a bomb. in return, they would receive fuel for their research reactor. today, their minister said iran does not want to let its own uranium out of the country before it receives anything back. tehran might consider a swap on iranian territory. the details are not clear, but it does not look like the arrangement will be accepted. president obama has given a deadline of the end of december for the talks to make progress. he is not likely to declare the process a failure before then. but the issue has been high on
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the agenda up on his asian talks. officials from the major powers dealing with the issue aren't meeting later this week. the net is states, britain, -- the united states, britain, and france, are likely to step up their sanctions. the pressure only increases. iran was just one of the issues that the u.s. president and chinese prime minister failed to see eye to eye on. it was a far bigger barrier, the big war and barack obama standing along side of it. >> at the great wall today, a greeting in chinese and then a presidential handshake. the three day visit to china has been a nonstop charm offensive from barack obama. smiles and flattery are the
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weapons to breach the historic chinese defenses. throughout his visit, he has been kept far from ordinary chinese people. china's tight media control and many of mr. obama's messages were censored or not reported at all. he said he wants to build a new relationship with a strong china. >> relationship that used to be focused just on big issues is now expanding to deal with a whole host of issues in which u.s.-china cooperation is important. >> there was little common ground on many major issues. like the country's large trade imbalances and the nuclear program. on climate change, they came closer. not far from beijing, president obama could have seen this wind farm. both sides said they would work together to get a climate change deal in copenhagen next month. china is taking steps to tackle
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the issue. by the end of this year, they will have installed more wind turbines in america to generate clean energy. in some ways, china is doing more in america to combat climate change. president obama speight idea is that the sides could help have a closer -- president obama's big idea is that the size could have a closer working relationship on this. but who will pay for it? it is not clear that china is comfortable taking a bigger role on the global stage as president obama wants it to. america's hope is that the goodwill he has shown has laid the groundwork for a new partnership perry -- for a new partnership. president obama is in south korea, tensions with the north and the p'yongyang at nuclear weapons program are topping the agenda thursday. our correspondent in seoul has been to the heavily guarded
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border zone and sends this. >> this marks one of the most enduring and troubling divisions of the cold war. the tense standoff here between north korean troops just a few meters away and their south korean counterparts on the side of the line is a highly visible reminder of the division of peace and security. that is a threat that has vexed many presidents. when mr. obama meets his south korean counterpart, it will focus on ways of diffusing the tension, in particular how to convince p'yongyang to give up its nuclear weapons program and return to the multilateral negotiations. there are plenty of people who have doubted whether north korea ever really intends to disarm. but with a million soldiers and more still facing off against each other along the border, the stakes are very high. and the absence of any alternatives, we're likely to
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see the cat out -- the south korean and american president tried to convince north korea to come in from the cold. could have you with us on "bbc world news." still to come, not social networking and antisocial behavior. the war must be done to protect children online. it -- more must be done to protect children online. it says it will offer guidance, support, and spiritual enlightenment. an australian politician has used a speech in parliament to raise allegations of widespread criminal conduct within the church of scientology. speaking to the senate, he detailed a litany of complaints from former members of the organization. phil mercer sent this report from sydney. >> and a blistering attack, the senator said the church of
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scientology was a criminal organization that was hiding behind its so-called religious beliefs. the independent member of australia's upper house of parliament was funding letters from former followers of the church. the correspondents had been sent to the police will the senator has demanded an official inquiry. >> there are allegations of coerced abortions, physical violence, intimidation, blackmail, and widespread indeliberate abuse of information obtained by the organization. >> the church of scientology said the remarks were deeply offensive and part of a propaganda campaign by disgruntled former members. >> i don't think they are true. they are outrageous. the fact they were made on privilege, he is a lawyer, he knows there are two sides to any story. >> the church has officially
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been recognized as a religion and australia for tax purposes, but may come under close scrutiny if they order an investigation into the explosive claims made by the senator. since it was founded by a science fiction author in 1953, the church of scientology has provoked controversy. last month it was convicted of fraud by a court in france. hello, and welcome. >> see the news unfold. go to read the latest headlines. get the top stories from around the globe. and click the video reports. discover more about the subjects that really interest you and find out what issues the world is talking about right now.
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go to the main headlines, president obama has for the first time admitted the u.s. will not be up to meet the commitment he gave to close the guantanamo bay prison camp by january. israeli plans to build hundreds of new homes for jewish people in occupied east jerusalem could be very dangerous. plenty of pageantry in london as the british government set out its legislative program for the next year, a job traditionally done by the british queen and her annual official visit to parliament. amid all the usual pomp and ceremony, there were claims of electioneering, months before the general election. >> even on a gloomy winter day,
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the pageantry of the british monarchy still occurs. is the 55th time that the queen has come to open parliament. this year, everybody knows that the december -- the general election is months away. which is perhaps why the politicians look rather serious as they filed into the house of lords to hear her majesty speak. after all the controversy, one of the key proposals was to give financial institutions more power over employment contracts. >> the government will continue to reform and strengthen services of the financial- services industry to ensure greater protection for taxpayers. legislation will be brought forward to enhance the governments of the financial sector and control the system. >> there were also clout --
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other crowd pleasing measures, including more rights for parents when it comes to the running of schools. opposition politicians say they are not impressed. >> all the pageantry and the world cannot cover-up the fact that this is a government that is running out of road and it does not offer any jobs to people suffering in this recession. >> it will not debate in parliament whether it the queen's speech is a bold agenda of a government which deserves a fourth term or not a realistic wish list for the lame-duck administration. it is assumed that in the spring that voters will give their verdict. british police are criticizing facebook and myspace for not doing enough to protect children online.
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both sides have refused to add a safety but now on their pages which will allow children to report bullying, abuse, and the legal activity. >> it may not look like much, but this could make social networking safer for children and teenagers going online. the popular website devo has agreed to a direct line has appeared to its pages, offering instant help for reporting abuse. clicking on the but enables a teenager to access numerous device pages and links them to a trained officer who could help them with a specific problems. the move comes weeks after the death of a 17-year-old who was agreed to have -- to is believed to have agreed to have met a man after she was chatting with him on line. >> we want you to enjoy being on
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line. if you are worried about something, this is where you need to click. >> now the police say it is all that -- it is time that others but social networking sites like facebook and myspace soft the technical difficulties -- solve the technical difficulties that they claim that have and get on board. the space shuttle atlantis has successfully docked with the international space station, manually completed by the crew as the spacecraft traveled toward each other at 17,000 miles per hour. an ounce of gold is selling for $1,050. the man who won the 1,500 meter race in the beijing games has been stripped of his gold medal because of using a blood boosting drug. he is one of five athletes to test positive for performance
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enhancing drugs. they beat their bitter rivals 1-0 and will play in the finals in khartoum. about 15,000 police were on hand to try to prevent a repeat of the violence that occurred at the last time the two teams played. japan's population is aging fast. the problem is acute in rural areas as young people move to the city's. that is why the country is growing 40% of the food it needs, leaving it depended on imports. one company is experimenting with a high-tech approach to farming. >> japan's farmers are getting old. this family has been working their small holding in the foothills for generations. but their only son left long ago
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for an office job in the city. >> i am 68 years old. among the 50, 60 farmers in the village, i am one of the youngest. people who are younger than us go away to become attorneys. >> the aging population is one reason that japan just produces 40% of the food it needs, one of the lowest in the world. in a country with a shortage of farmers, one solution is to make process of growing food more efficient. that is what they're trying out in this factor. -- in this factory. indoors, everything can be controlled for perfect conditions. i have to get dressed like this because at this plant, hygiene and cleanliness is everything. the last that is to disinfect my hands at this machine, which opens the door.
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what is this? and this one? romaine lettuce. the electricity bills are huge. but with the crop on shelves, reaching from the floor to the ceiling, it needs less land, expensive in japan. under the lights, the plants grow quickly. there is a harvest every day. there is no lost to disease, no in secs, and it is done with fewer workers -- no loss to insects, and it is done with fewer workers. >> the sister wrote experimental, but i believe we will -- this is still experimental, but i believe we will see more in the future. we can grow a stable supply that are of high quality. >> so far, the company grows only enough to provide its own chain of restaurants with salad,
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but there are plans to expand. technology farming could be one way to reduce dependence on imports to feed itself. the latest exhibition at london's national gallery is a far cry from many standard collection. it is a 1980's work that transforms part of the gallery into a light side-recreation of amsterdam's red light district. -- into a life-size to recreations of amsterdam's red light district.
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>> much a theatrical tableau, this is a life sized work, both provocative and informative. american artists took five years to make it, using casts of real people and bric-a-brac from flea markets. it gave the mannequins glass boxes to show that their minds and bodies could be separated. they wanted to create a completely original portrait of amsterdam's famous attraction. >> it is not squalor. it is a place of beauty. it is quite beautiful when you are in it. if you are an artist, you may be looking at different things. you may be looking at the facaedes and the patinas and the like. >> it is hard to see any beauty,
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and the work is not tame or tasteful. this feels like a real indictment of the sex industry. the atmosphere is squalid and claustrophobic. the prostitute's appear vacant, detached, trapped in their cages. the big question, why bring this seedy world into the national gallery? >> you think, look at these lights, let me go one explore. suddenly, you get hit by it. that is what real life is about. art and life are different. >> this is still an uncomfortable and on likely work for the national gallery. the question remains what the public will make of it. >> thank you for being with us on "bbc world news." >> funding was made possible by -- the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu,
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the newman's own foundation, the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation, and union bank. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> i'm julia stiles. >> i'm kevin bacon. >> i'm kim cattrall. >> hi, i'm ken burns. >> i'm lili taylor. >> i'm henry louis gates jr., and public broadcasting is my source for news about the world. >> for intelligent conversation. >> for election coverage you can count on. >> for conversations beyond the sound bites. >> a commitment to journalism. >> for deciding who to vote for. >> i'm kerry washington, and
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public broadcasting is my source for intelligent connections to my community. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.

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